Abduel Hall – Interview

PhotobucketPassion, power, and soul. These three words are synonymous with the name Abduel Hall. Possessing the ability to quiet the loudest mouth and bring tears to the eyes of the hardest heart with the sound of the mightiest instrument given to man is to some a far-fetched dream that is this multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer has made his reality.

Abduel’s prayerful ascension to stardom is by all standards a testament to visualization. Although distinguishably unique and original in his sound, the influences of his past and present musical heroes are undoubtedly evident. For it was Stevie that shaped his aesthetic; it was Whitney that inspired him; and the soulful spirit of the Clark Sisters coupled with his own faith and determination in the Lord that shows him that this can be done. For Abduel, music has become his lifeline.

Exposing his talent to the world at the tender age of three, Abduel entered his first talent show. This was to become the first of many, earning his widespread recognition throughout the city and various parts of the country. Thus Abduel has become one of the most talented and sought after artists in the Northwest.

Unlike the current trend of R&B artists, Abduel makes key contributions to both his style and sound by writing, arranging and producing his own material as well as that of other artists like him.

Open your mind, your heart and lend him an ear. For he shall be the first and the last. Experience the pure and rapturous soul of man. You are cordially invited to experience the soul of Abduel Hall.

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